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Alaska Yacht Charters is an intimate way to experience America’s “Last Frontier.” Yachting along the southeast coast of Alaska, and to the famous “Inside Passage,” takes you through a labyrinth of small islands, channels, passages, deep glacier formed fjords, and straits. The Alaskan coastline is staggering, with pristine, snow-capped mountains, crystal clear water, and forested islands. Over eighty percent of this area belongs to the Tongas National Forest. And with its wet, mild climate, it’s a prime habitat for humpback whales, porpoise, sea otters, bald eagles, puffins and other sea mammals and birdlife. The best weather is from April through June, when there is less rain and more sunshine, with May and June being the most reliable and the best for fishing. July and August are warmer, but a bit wetter. Yachts depart from Sitka by the Sea, and travel up Glacier Bay to the outer coast of Baranof and Chichagof Islands, through Ogden Passage, Cross Sound, Key Strait and Chatham Strait. Frederick Sound takes you through the Tidewater Glaciers of the ice-strewn Tracy Arm National Wilderness Area, which is filled with small to medium size glaciers. Admiralty Island, just off the coast of Juneau, has the world’s largest community of brown bears, where many can be spotted from aboard your yacht. Though not as popular, there are also yacht charters as far up as Seward, Alaska, near Anchorage along Prince William Sound.

Alaska Yacht Charters
Alaska Charter Boats - We represent a diverse fleet of over 50 yachts, sport fishing boats, and sailboats in the Inside Passage, Southeast Alaska, and Prince William Sound. These vessels range from affordable day boats to luxurious yachts and can be arranged for individuals, families, friends, or corporate retreats. Vessels can be chartered skippered-bareboat or all-inclusively to accommodate preferences. Our private cruises allow for customized itineraries and flexible schedules.
Midnight Sun Alaska Yacht Charters - Charter the Midnight Sun yacht for a spectacular, private, and exclusive Alaska adventure with your family and friends. Cruise the protected waters of Alaska's Inside Passage between the ports of Juneau, Petersburg, Sitka, Ketchikan and others on request. Enjoy whale watching, iceberg and glacier adventures, fishing, and exploring sheer rock walls and misty waterfalls.

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