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California Yacht Charters designate a huge part of tourism on the West Coast of the United States. Often, yacht charters are especially geared toward weddings, special occasions, and for business or pleasure. California is a state of large - large numbers of charters and large boats for sailing. In Northern California, not all of the yacht charters explore the Pacific; the Lake Tahoe area, on the border between California and Nevada, offers charters, sailing classes, and the entertainment excitement of western Nevada. There is a great deal of exploration available around the San Francisco Bay. Visit the cities of San Francisco and Oakland, enjoying their skylines, while mastering a variety of sailing conditions. Donít miss the Golden Gate Bridge!. Down the coast in Southern California, Marina Del Rey is a dominant yachting region; relax in the daytime in Santa Monica Bay or choose a multiple day sail for experienced sailors, such as the Channel Islands offering trips for advanced boaters. Lower Newport Bay has 600 acres of open water Ė popular for all sizes of vessels. Newport Bay is also a premier stopover point for migrating birds. Some charters offer overnight travel to nearby Catalina Island. The extremely temperate area of San Diego, with 70 miles of beaches having a major influence on the lives of residents, offers charters for whale watching, sea lions, fishing, and assorted watersports, as well as sailing clubs. One can enjoy yacht charters year-round in California!

California Yacht Charters

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