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Netherlands Yacht Charters carry explorers along the coast of a small but vibrant country. One of the main areas for yachters is IJsselmeer, a man-made shallow lake created by a dam. It is an area for migratory birds and has plenty of space for yachts. The Wadden Sea and the West Frisian Islands are other major yacht chartering regions. You can find yacht charters of traditional boats formerly used as cargo vessels. The Wadden Sea offers the task of surprising tide changes in the North Sea. On the Frisian Islands, seals enjoy the sun during high tide. The islands of Vlieland, ripe for cyclists and hiking, and Schiermonnikoog offer a peaceful stay. Juist Island disallows cars, but yachts can explore 10.5 miles of beach and charters allow wading in the Wadden. Enjoy the over 400 year old lighthouse on a yacht trip to Terschelling. Zeeland, in the southeast, is another famous yachting and diving region for all skill levels, and you can dive right from your chartered yacht. Seven marinas are called the Seven Sisters, in a joint venture to serve yachting visitors. The Oosterschelde estuary contains a variety of flora and fauna and is one of the Netherlands’ nature reserves. Lake Grevelingenmeer is a sizable saltwater lake filled with watersports and you can dock a yacht either at a marina or on a watersports island located in the lake. The Westerschelde estuary requires permission for sailing; yachts share it with much shipping traffic. Spring to fall is the primary yacht season in the Netherlands.

Netherlands Yacht Charters

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