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Norway Yacht Charters stare at the land of the midnight sun in awe, sailing a coastline of 13,623 miles. The Lofoten Islands, north of Arctic Circle, provide fjords ideal for charters with a surprisingly mild climate. You’ll share your yachting experieince with several species of whales and dolphins, and local fishermen own the only other boats around; enjoy all-day cruising two months of the year. Nordland is a glacier area with striking mountain formations. The most ideal yachting ground is between the town of Brønnøysund in the south, and the city of Bodø. Bodø is the capital of Nordland, a modern city with the largest number of sea eagles in the world. Nordland has vibrant air and sea life, with scuba diving in the mix. Vestlandet holds a long stretch of the Norwegian coastline and contains the most well known fjords. The Folgefonn glacier offers year round skiing and a grandiose view. Exploration by yacht here includes countless inlet passages, individual villages, and a multitude of interesting harbors. Sørlandet yachting is leisurely and relaxed. The coastline is filled with islands, so there is a choice as to whether to navigate through the abundant passageways or sail straight. The numerous harbors and areas to dock, along with little tide action, create pleasant yachting. Farsund contains a harbor in the center of the town, with 40-60 docking positions, and an active yacht club hosting many regattas. Don’t miss the spring and short summer sailing season from April-August.

Norway Yacht Charters

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