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South America Yacht Charters reveal the lush landscapes and variety of sailing adventures native to the continent. Rio de Janeiro hosts several yacht clubs, one restricted. Cabo Frio is regarded highly by worldwide adventure-seekers, with white sand beaches, varied flora and fauna, and deep water for swimming and diving. Salvador de Bahia holds several regattas. Angra Dos Reis has chartering for sportfishing, honeymoons, snorkeling, and beginners’ scuba diving. Venezuelan yacht charters visit the archipelago of Los Roques, designated as a national marine park, little known and sizable for the Caribbean. Los Roques is protected by an immense barrier reef, producing smooth sailing in calm bays with 500 species of fish and many watersports opportunities. 600 miles from Ecuador lie the Galapagos Islands, where one-week yacht tours are common. Look out for the sea lions, penguins, and turtles in the water as you swim or snorkel! Yacht charters cater to experienced divers, stargazers, and whale watchers. Yachting around southern Chile’s Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn is popular for 1-2 week excursions. Care is needed in sailing, for water currents are strong and storms rage. Tierra del Fuego boasts of fjords that look like glass, thick green forests, and specific glacier trips. Southernmost Cape Horn is where large birds, giant petrels, native steamer ducks, seals, and orcas can be spotted during cruising. The yachting season varies in South America from all year to October-May in the south.

South America Yacht Charters

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