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Cyprus , mysterious island of ancient legends, stands at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is the easternmost island in the Mediterranean Sea, and is a natural base for yachting to other exotic locales, such as the Greek Islands, Egypt and the Middle East. Each year, at least thirty international cruise ships make more than 80 calls at the ports of Limassol and Larnaka, bringing more than 100,000 passengers to visit the many attractions of Cyprus. Aphrodite made her home here, and others such as Alexander the Great, Richard the Lion Hearted and Cleopatra stake their claim to the island, as well. Its’ strategic position, which makes it such an ideal yachting destination, is also what made it subject to regular invasions by many powerful nations throughout history. Cyprus has 403 miles of impressive coastline, inviting beaches, mountains, beautiful old olive trees and vineyards. Spectacular five-star resorts are within walking distance of ancient Greek and Roman ruins, and the archaeological site of Kourion overlooks a stunning stretch of beach and dazzling blue sea. Cyprus has an ideal climate for yachting – summers are hot and dry, spring is warm and sunny, fall is still warm enough to enjoy swimming, and in winter, snow in the Troodos Mountains makes it possible to go skiing in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon. The allure of Cyprus continues today, as it has through the ages, making it the cruise capital of the Mediterranean.


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