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Halifax , Nova Scotia offers so many opportunities for the yachting enthusiast. Halifax is a modern day port city with an array of historic sites, beautiful gardens, festivals, fine restaurants, shopping and a lively nightlife. The heart of downtown Halifax is bustling with art galleries, sidewalk cafes, lively pubs and entertainment. Heading out of town, you’ll find peaceful nature scenes such as charming seaside villages, farming communities and historic churches. However, most people who visit Halifax are drawn to the ocean, with its fresh salty air and waves crashing against a rocky shore. There are so many possibilities for boat tours and charters and more than a dozen yacht clubs, sailing & boating clubs can be found in the Halifax region. The yachting season in Halifax generally runs April to October, and visitors delight in exploring the sun-drenched beaches, picturesque coves, islands and miles and miles of rugged coastline dotted with graceful lighthouses. The Port of Halifax is located on the “Great Circle” route and is a deep water, ice-free harbor with a reputation as a world-class port and gateway for all types of vessels. Stroll the boardwalks and watch ships from around the world and fishermen unloading their catch. Along with yachting, other sports in the Halifax area includes surfing, diving, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and boardsailing.


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