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Istanbul is probably one of the most unique yachting destinations in the world. This huge metropolis of nearly eleven million people connects continents, cultures, and religions and is one of the largest commercial and business centers of the region. Istanbul stretches south to the Marmara Sea and to the north is the Black Sea, with a dramatic coastline that offers countless bays, protected harbors and spectacular scenery. The west part of Istanbul is in Europe and the east part of the city lies in Asia. The Bosphorus Strait is the waterline that divides Istanbul’s Asian and European shores. For thousands of years, Istanbul has been a significant port city due to its’ highly sheltered structure set on a hill surrounded by three seas. Central Istanbul and the historic walled city are on the European shore, which is itself divided by a natural harbor called the Golden Horn. Small fishing boats, yachts and day cruisers share the Bosphorus Strait with enormous cargo ships, navy vessels and international luxury liners from Europe. The two largest quays, Eminonu and Karakoy, are on the opposite sides of the Golden Horn and linked by the Galata Bridge. Luxury cruise ships headed for the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea dock at Karakoy, and local ferry services depart from Eminonu, Besiktas, Oskudar and Karakoy. You will find many international yacht charters in Istanbul with services from Turkish coastal towns to the Greek Islands.


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