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Sorrento , with itsí strategic position on the southern coast of Italy, offers the defining tour of the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Sorrento, originally a Greek village, stands high on a dramatic line of 150 foot cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples, and derived itsí name from the mythical song of the mermaids. It was at Sorrento that Ulysses heard the tempting song of the Sirens. With such a romantic background, itís no wonder that Sorrento has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. There are two marinas in town, the Marina Grande and the Marina Piccola, and both are a constant bustle of activity. They lie at the base of cliffs that slope down from the East and West side of the old town center. The town square is encircled with shops selling the popular embroidered goods and wood inlay work popular from this region. Along the narrow Via San Cesareo are more shops selling fruits and vegetables and local Italian handicrafts. Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are well known for their wonderful large lemons. Look for products made from these lemons such as lemon liqueur, lemon chocolate and lemon soap. Several very good restaurants can be found on the shore in Sorrento with fantastic views of the Bay. With its breathtaking sunsets, gardens and fragrances of orange and lemons in the air, Sorrento makes a relaxing, picturesque yachting destination on its own, and the towns of Pompeii, Naples and Capri can easily be reached from the harbor for day trips.


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