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St Tropez is known as the village “between the sea and sky,” and as a yachting destination is part of the cosmopolitan coastline known as the “Cote d’Azur,” or French Riviera. Cruising here means enjoying warm, sunny days, gentle breezes and the deep blue sea that makes yachting in the Mediterranean so memorable. Many say St. Tropez is another world – one of shopping in glamorous boutiques, dancing the night away in chic nightclubs, appreciating the beauty of nature and art, eating in world-class restaurants and enjoying fine wine. The town of St. Tropez sits at the end of a peninsula, overlooking a gorgeous Bay bearing the same name. The St. Tropez Bay is enchanting, especially at sunset when it is ablaze with the light reflected off the water and the sleek white yachts that fill the harbor. A stroll through town will take you to seaside cafes, along winding streets past the open market, to boutiques and tree-lined squares, and to a medieval castle. Few places provide such a treat for the senses, as does the village of St. Tropez. In ancient times, this region was settled by the Phoenicians who set up anchorages along the coast to help with their commercial navigation. Among these was the ancient town of Athenopolis, which was likely on the present site of St. Tropez. Come discover this charming Mediterranean village that provides the perfect backdrop for a unique yachting experience.

St Tropez

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